It’s Not Easy Being Green

At Green Man we’re always looking for ways to be more green in our new expansion as well as in?our current facility. Here’s a list of some of things we’ve put into practice over the years.

  • High efficiency boiler
  • High efficiency, closed cycle chiller
  • High efficiency heat exchange unit to heat water for brewing process and cleaning
  • Optimized insulation for efficient heating and cooling
  • Repurposing spent grain and hops with a local farmer
  • Recycling all cardboard, glass, grain bags, plastic, paper, metals, etc. More than 80% of our waste is recycled
  • Using only recyclable packaging?produced with recycled material content
  • Reusing water from brewing, packaging and keg cleaning for cleaning the brewery
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Clean burning propane forklift
  • Reusing and recycling pallets
  • Not heating or cooling the brewery
  • New grain silo allowing us to buy grain in bulk and reduce the number of deliveries
  • Using a distributor network that maximizes delivery efficiency and cuts carbon footprint
  • Plans to transport finished beer by rail in the near future
  • Exploring solar panel options for the expansion
  • Supporting local environmentally-oriented non-profits
  • State of the art limestone groundwater filtration system, to reduce environmental impact