COVID-19 safety

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Green Man has stayed true to its commitment to the safety of our guests and employees at our taprooms. The following measures are meant to insure everyone can enjoy responsibly.

  • Emp health questionnaire and temp screen on arrival

  • dedicated employee only entrance

  • Sanitizer station at entrance and exit

  • Protective plexi between guest and staff

  • Heated outdoor/ socially distanced seating

  • Indoor socially distanced seating reduced to 50% capacity

  • Enforcement of current mask mandates- all staff and guests are required to have mask on properly at all times, unless actively eating or drinking. Masks available to guests who need one.

  • Controlled flow- dedicated entrance and exits

  • Regular sanitation of POS area,doors, handrails, etc

  • Blocked off merch area to prevent guest handling of items

  • No flights or samples to limit unnecessary handling of used glassware/plastic drinkware

  • Handling cash only at bare minimum at one register- all others card only

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