Hazy Homage Series

At Green Man, we get inspired from our surroundings. Whether it be the landscape, our daily interactions, or a certain song we heard that made us feel a certain way.

Launched in September 2018, we started our Hazy Homage Series. The beers created are variations and different batches of Hazy India Pale Ales that grew out of inspiration from some of our favorite bands.

Similar to beer, music is an international language that everyone can understand. Music gives off a certain feeling or encapsulates you with a specific emotion… we did our best to put some of that into every batch. So fire up your turntables or stream it off your phone and grab one of these limited selections and kick it to some of our favorite jams!

Featured Hazy

There’s a hazy beer waiting in the sky, we’d like you to come drink it with us. This beer will blow your minds… Landing at our brewery soon is the fifth beer in our Hazy Homage Series, Hazy Cosmic Jive. Brewed with Comet and Galaxy hops, this IPA is out of this world with huge citrusy and passionfruit-like characters.

Beers in the Series

This beer is fruity hop-forward and easy drinking for 7% ABV. Van Hazy IPA is an eruption of hops! We ain’t talkin’ bout New England cause we’re in AVL baby! This crazy hazy IP-EH EH EH is Green Man’s tribute to the one who can light up the sky with his Frankenstein!

It’s so hazy! Green Man’s tribute to their favorite bad boys will destruct your appetite for hops. This earthy, semi-sweet hazy IPA finished at 7% ABV and easy drinking. We know that no beer lasts forever, and we both know some beers change; who wants to hold a candle, when there’s Cold November Haze.

Flight 666 has landed at Green Man, and like a Flash of the Blade, Powerhaze is into its encore. This delicious, beastly IPA finished at 7.8% ABV and hits all the right notes. Become a slave to the haze!

There’s a?
little hazy beer in cans today, and it’s not the same old thing. King of Haze is Green Man’s fourth homage in the series featuring an interesting blend of New Zealand hops, giving it a danky, stone fruit characters with hints of citrus.

King of Haze, King of Haze. I will always be the King of Haze.