Wheatseeker Hefeweizen

Wheatseeker is a German-style Hefeweizen, fermented with a yeast strain used in Germany for hundreds of years. ?A light-bodied easy-drinker, with a wheat and yeast combination that creates a slightly spicy character. ??We hopped it with German grown Opal hops, which lends a slight citrus effect. ?Find this new offering on draft at our tasting room, and in six pack bottles come 2017!

Alc. by Vol. 4.8%


This unfiltered tropical fruit forward IPA gives off notes of pineapple, peach, and watermelon. Smooth with medium bitterness and just enough malt backbone to support the hops. Brewed with pale malt and dry hopped with 2lbs. per barrel of El Dorado, Mosaic, and Simcoe. ?

Alc. by Vol. 7.0%


We blended 3 years of our famous Snozzberry base to create a new, unfruited, 3 year American Blond?Sour. With all the vibrant notes from souring this new addition will have?your saddles blazing and pronouncing Frankenstein as Fronkensteen. A perfect balance of silliness, sophistication, and skill.

Alc. by Vol. 5.2%

Green Man Lager

What’s your lightest beer? Craft brewers hear this a lot! Green Man’s answer is this crisp, all natural, light Lager. We salute all the great breweries around the world?that continue to perfect the classic style. Enjoy cold and lighten up!

Alc. by Vol. 4.2%

Tart Berry

Whoever heard of a Tart Berry? This fruity and lickable delight can be enjoyed anywhere your tongue?goes. Pucker up dreamers!

Alc. by Vol. 4.3%

Hop Hustler

Here at Green Man, the hustle is always on to bring you the fresh hoppy goodness you deserve.? The craft beer world is an ever-evolving landscape with trends erupting and dissolving on a day to day basis.? However, one constant remains the same – Hops.? Hop Hustler is a new series of ultra-hoppy, easy to drink beers that highlight everyone’s favorite ingredient.? The ex-beer-amental brew features a megaton of fruit forward Amarillo and Mosaic hops backed by pale malt, wheat, and flaked oats.? Get your own hop hustle going at #hustleforthehops

Alc. by Vol. 4.8%


A malty amber ale boasting rich toasted and caramel flavors, Green Man ESB is one of our award-winning signature brews. Our blend of authentic British malts and hops creates a nutty aroma, full body, and a sweet finish. Prepare yourself for a truly exceptional interpretation of a traditional English style.

Alc. by Vol. 5.5%32 IBU

The Rainmaker

It’s no myth that this is Green Man’s most impressive and sought after special offering. A mammoth Double IPA that boasts 4 different hops, it’s the one hopheads wait for. Like a cool rain after a long drought, this one will quench your desire for big flavor and balance. Meet the Maker! ?98 Rating on?ratebeer.com

Alc. by Vol. 9.3%158 IBU

The Dweller

Robust and warming, this stout has hints of coffee and dark chocolate. A complex variety of roasted malts, and moderate hopping temper the pleasant sweetness of this brew. This special batch lurked in our cellar until our brewers felt it was worthy of its name. 95 rating on ratebeer.com

Alc. by Vol. 10%
Funk Number 49

Funk #49

Asheville’s first sour beer! A complex red ale aged for 6 months in one of our “magic” barrels, then for another 3 months in a rum barrel. ?We look forward to its return, one day! Who’s got the funk? ?We got the funk!

Alc. by Vol. 6.8%


Green Man India Pale Ale is delectably hoppy with a properly balanced body. Generous hop additions give it a wonderful bitterness and pleasant floral nose, while our combination of traditional British malts creates a rich, satisfying flavor and alluring copper color. This authentic English-style IPA is our flagship ale.

Alc. by Vol. 6.2%63 IBU

The Demon Dweller

The Demon Dweller -– this evil twin of Green Man’s seasonal Imperial Stout was cast into oak barrels and buried deep in the cellar.. Our brewers are now reluctantly releasing this creepy deviant for your reckoning. Be forewarned, the Demon Dweller is cunningly smooth and has sinister charm. Don’t be afraid of the dark… or maybe you should be!

Alc. by Vol. 10%


Dark, full-bodied, and rich in flavor, Green Man Porter is wonderfully easy to drink. It offers a creamy, smooth mouthfeel and finishes with distinctive chocolate notes. This traditionally crafted, award-winning British-style Porter, like a true rock star, enjoys a legendary following.

Alc. by Vol. 6.0%40 IBU

Holly King

This rich holiday ale is perfect to warm away the winter chill. Extended barrel aging delivers unrestrained oak and bourbon flavors. Tasty hints of chocolate, vanilla and tobacco round out the complex notes. The Holly King personifies the nature of the Green Man in all his winter glory.

Alc. by Vol. 9.8%


Perfect for every occasion, this easy drinking IPA suits any activity you fancy. This cool ale has a rockin’ citrus aroma and a laid-back finish. ??So pull your hair back, drop the top and put those Wayfarers on, baby.

Alc. by Vol. 6.0%70 IBU
Snozzberry Label


This blonde wheat sour ale?has been wild fermented and aged for a full year in oak barrels. The addition of special “Snozzberries” gives the beer its beautiful color, fruity aroma and complex flavor. Like a Golden Ticket, this is a Special Limited Release.

Alc. by Vol. 5.5%


Vanilla and coconut aromas and subtle, complimentary flavors are the result of six months in second-use whiskey barrels. Hints of Applewood smoked malt combine with oats, dark Munich and roasted malts to create a wonderfully smooth, complex beer.

Alc. by Vol. 9.3%


Harvester?is our interpretation of the classic German Marzen style. Magnum and Palisade highlight a creative hop blend. The result is a deep amber color and a hearty flavor that salutes the old world taste of the season.

Alc. by Vol. 6.0%30 IBU
Maceo Label


A super limited imperial brown ale aged for 12 months in our magic barrels?with an insane amount of sweet Oregon cherries.?Pucker up with Maceo and taste the Funk!

Alc. by Vol. 8.6%

None More Black

Norwegian brewers have an old tradition of brewing a beer and storing it so if they passed away during the year there would be beer for their funeral. If they didn’t die they would drink it in celebration. Our specialty brewer Mike is following this tradition with this pitch black strong ale aged for 12 months in whiskey barrels. Mike made it through another year so the public gets to enjoy this beer that is so black that if you ask how much more black it could be, the answer is none…..none more black.

Alc. by Vol. 8.2%

Sunseeker Pils

As you seek your place in the sun, this light-bodied Pils is perfect company. German hops and authentic Pilsner malt deliver our signature full-flavor. ?Green Man invites you to meet light beer’s rival!

Alc. by Vol. 5.2%
La Mas Negra

La Mas Negra

La?Mas?Negra is an Imperial Black Ale with the addition of Mexican brown sugar, cinnamon, smoked morita, ancho, and guajillo chilis and then aged on cocoa nibs. Inky black with intense coffee and roast aroma and flavor blend of cocoa and fruity chilies with just a hint of burn.

Alc. by Vol. 8.7%


This strong, sour black ale will funkify your life. ?Aged in our magic funk barrels for over a year, its so dark you may need a flashlight. This dog has an atomic tartness that will satisfy a nation under a sour beer groove. ?This beer ain’t nothin’ but a party!

Alc. by Vol. 5.2%

Leaf Blower

Strip away the old debris with this bold Red IPA. Assertive hoppiness balances a sturdy malt bill highlighted by rich caramel notes. The alluring crimson hue will make you want to ?ditch the lawnmower and grab a Leaf Blower!

Alc. by Vol. 6.2%67 IBU

Green Man and the Chocolate Factory

The aromas swirl down on groovy Buxton Ave as Green Man and French Broad Chocolate Factory concoct their scrumdiddlyumptiousness next door to each other. This one of a kind Chocolate Stout uses single source Nicaraguan cacao that is infused into the beer with the extraordinarily unique technique of forced cavitation. It’s a collaboration of love bringing together two great tastes that taste great together. “You’re going to love this… just love it!”


This time of year demands a bold flavor. Green Man’s beloved stout delivers. An impressive blend of roasted black and chocolate malts creates an opaque color and alluring depth. A distinctive blend of hops allows the balanced flavor to shine. The Forester personifies a trustworthy companion for winter’s unpredictable darkness.

Alc. by Vol. 6.0%60 IBU


This hair-raising Saison is eerily good. Additions of Blood Orange and beets give it the grisly red color while Vienna, Rye & Wheat malts and 100% Amarillo hops give it supernatural flavor. Beware, you may want to howl at the moon…‘Cause this is Thriller.

Alc. by Vol. 7.7%


In Berlin this beer is served with a shot of raspberry or woodruff syrup. Drink it straight or try it sweetened with a syrup of your choice, maple syrup would be uniquely American. Green Man aged this beer for 4 months in a magic barrel – enjoy its bracing tartness and delicate hint of funk. Prost!

Alc. by Vol. 4.6%


This rich dark ale spent six months in a Maker’s Mark whiskey barrel. The oak barrel contributes wonderful coconut and vanilla notes that perfectly compliment the smooth darkness of the Baltic porter. Named after the Baltic god of fermentation, Raugupatis is a super limited batch of 250 bottles released in celebration of Asheville’s Annual Beer Week.

Alc. by Vol. 8.7%
L'Homme Vert

L’homme Vert

L’homme Vert is a chic traditional farmhouse ale. It’s brewed with 20% roasted butternut and acorn squash along with spelt and local rye malt. It was then fermented with a blend of Belgian saison and witbier yeast and finally magic barrel aged for three months. It has a crisp refreshing character despite it’s alcohol and will get funkier in the bottle over time. à la v?tre!

Alc. by Vol. 8.1%