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Utilizing our original 10bbl brewhouse as our dedicated small batch system, Head Brewer Kyle McKenzie is constantly sourcing unique ingredients from around the world to create one-of-a-kind ales and lagers exclusive to our Taprooms.

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Mai Tai Bock


A riff on the Mai Tai, we built an quaffable Maibock with a bit of rice to lighten the body and Belgian candi syrup to make a touch of light rum come through. Additions of pineapple and Meyer lemon builds on the fruit forward complexity of these cocktails, and the use of bitter orange peel, sweet orange peel, and dried Persian limes add a bit of character that usually is found in bitter orange liqueurs.

Loud Mouth Soup Hazy IPA


A citrus forward Hazy IPA with a low bitterness, citrus and pineapple forward nose and a flavor to compliment. Easy drinking with a low carbonation that enhances the mouthfeel and provides a smooth body for the hop flavors to dance around on.

Unrepentant Manchild NEIPA


A turbid hazy IPA with the body and Bitterness of a West Coast IPA, dry hopped at 6lbs./bbl. Sunshine yellow and opaque with a nice rocky head that dissipates to a thick halo and nice lacing. Green strawberry, mango, low pine and a smooth kush aroma in the nose, with a faint vanilla note in the finish. The flavor starts with a nice bitter bite with pronounced pine and sativa, follows with light mango and stonefruit and finishes with a tongue coating bitterness layered amongst more pine, lemon-lime pith and green dank buds. Malt only peaks through briefly, exhibiting a light cracker note in this hop focused beer. If bitterness and old school West Coast IPAs aren’t your thing, then I would steer clear of this bitter hop bomb. But if your tired of drinking sweet juice bombs and desire an opaque haze, then this is a must try palate wrecker.

CZ Dark


A dark brown lager with Ruby highlights and a crystal clear clarity. Topped with an off-white persistent head that leaves lacing down the glass with each sip. A highly quaffable lager with a perfect balance of malt and hop flavors. The aroma opens with notes of light cocoa, cola and hints of dark stonefruit. The flavor is a combination of light roast coffee, chocolate, dark toast, and a touch of sweetness in the mid palate. The flavor finishes with a nice hit of herbal and slight woodiness from the hops and a cleansing dryness. Crisp, light bodied and crushable. Don't be deceived by the dark color, this beer is made to be enjoyed in an afternoon drinking session with friends, over good conversation. Enjoy!! Na zdravi!!! (To your health in Czech)

Damn Fine Pils


A crystal clear straw colored lager topped by a persistent creamy white head. The aroma is clean and subdued with notes of cracker, grain, a touch of sulfur and a faint hint of noble hop character. The flavor follows suit, with crisp cracker, notes of floral and low herbal from the hops and a balancing bitterness in the finish. The crisp medium-high carbonation cleans off the palate. An easy no fuss contiential style pilsner meant to be quaffed.

Cherry Limeade Gose


A creamy-imperial version of our summer time favorite “My Car-Hop Crush”. Refreshing, yet with a full body and wonderful sweetness that balances out the acidity. Ruby red in appearance with a balance of big cherry & lime, commingled with lactose and a minute note of vanilla in the finish. Contains Lactose

Psycho Keller


Keller biers are traditional Bavarian-style lagers that have been gaining popularity in the U.S. as of late. The twist here is New Zealand hop varietals in the dry hop. Motueka and Pacific Sunrise bring a fruity brightness of lime and watermelon with crisp crackery malt notes.

Damn Fine Pilsner


Light and floral with crisp crackery malt notes, our noble hopped pils is delicately balanced and very easy to drink. Expect a subtle hop bitterness and aroma that sets it apart from our Green Man Lager.

Empty Morb Dork


A medium-full bodied Hazy IPA with a sunset hue, topped with a lacy halo of foam. Layered with aromas of Strawberry Kush, melon & mango, before your hit across the tongue with more Strawberry Kush, mango and hints of guava & pineapple. Malt stays in the background only adding a hint of toasted bread. Medium carbonation with bitterness that hits in the mid-palate and lingers throughout the finish. Double dry-hopped with Motueka, El Dorado & Enigma.

Cledus Snow


A brilliantly clear deep ruby colored liquid topped with an off white head. A smooth nutty note starts off the aromatics before medium smoke phenols become noticeable. The flavor follows with notes on light smoke, dark fruits, biscuit and toast, with hints of caramel. A round and smooth medium/full bodied lager with a crisp carbonation that finishes dry with a balanced bitterness.



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Utilizing our original 10bbl brewhouse as our dedicated small batch system, Head Brewer Kyle McKenzie is constantly sourcing unique ingredients from around the world to create one-of-a-kind ales and lagers exclusive to our...

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